EastEnders Live Mistakes: Jake Wood Jokes About Script Rewrite Following Jo Joyner’s ‘How’s Adam’ Gaffe

Yes, we know that we keep bleating on about it but Jo Joyner’ fluffing her lines during one of the live segments of last night’s EastEnders episode really is the gift that keeps on giving.

After the initial lolzworthy moment, which occurred at around about 8.03pm on BBC One yesterday evening, we had the tweets about how #Gutted the poor actress was about the on-air blunder, with plenty of hilarious memes cropping up on Twitter within minutes.

However, Jake Wood, who plays the star’s onscreen ex, Max Branning, sparked even more hilarity as he tweeted a mock rewrite for tonight’s episode of the hit soap.

Sharing a photo of the joke script, Jake wrote: “You seen the rewrite for tomorrow @dollyjoyner @AdamWoodyatt pic.twitter.com/76GEK69c31″

The ‘rewrite’ read: “Ian: I dunno. What with the pressure and everything, I just thought I’d change my name to Adam.

“I’ve told Tanya. She knew. She’s the one who called me it first, which she did deliberately and not by accident and I liked it.

“Phil: Adam Beale? Sounds good.

“Ian: Adam Woodyatt actually.

“Phil: Woodyatt? Why?

“Ian/ Adam: “I dunno, it’s got a nice ring to it.


“Adam is handing out flyers telling people about his name change.”

So, not quite the grand reveal of who murdered Lucy Beale that we were expecting from tonight’s episode, but we’ll take it all the same.

Clearly appreciating the quip, Jo tweeted back saying: “All makes perfect sense now. Love the lengths you’ve gone to to protect my honour! Xx”

In case you are one of the few people in the country NOT glued to their TV screen desperate to find out who bumped off the pretty blonde, last night Jo made the rather unfortunate live TV gaffe when she referred to Ian Beale as ‘Adam’, the actor’s real name:

The actress was quick to take to Twitter and share how gutted she was to make the mistake, with her co-stars and fans reassuring the star that it was actually ruddy hilarious.

Here’s hoping that a similar mistake doesn’t happen when the killer is finally revealed live on air, eh? Asking after the wrong person is one thing, labelling them as a cold-blooded killer is an entirely different matter…

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