EastEnders’ Luisa Bradshaw-White: ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Gay Role Model’

Luisa Bradshaw-White is best known as liquorice-allsort-bracelet-wearing, scrunchie-loving Tina Carter, who has recently shacked up with Sonia Fowler (aka Natalie Cassidy) and is the picture of marital bliss in BBC soap, EastEnders.

And, as it happens, this is one instance where life is imitating art rather closely – YAY. 

Speaking in an interview with OK! Magazine, Luisa reveals all about her upcoming nuptials to long-term partner, Annette Yeo, with their two adopted children being lined up to act as bridesmaids.

She dished: “We’re getting married because we legally can now, we know we’re going to grow old together – I don’t want anyone else.”

The loved-up couple first got a civil partnership in 2006, being matched with their two daughters, who were aged three and four at the time of adoption, soon after. 

Opening up about the moment she first saw her daughters, the 40 year old shared: “We saw a picture and I burst into tears. I knew the girls were my children.

“I’d bought them clothes before we had even been approved to have them.”

Despite having the seemingly perfect life and being an inspiration to gay women across the country, Luisa insists that she is not setting out to be a gay icon, explaining: “People ask me if I want to be a gay role model and I say no, i just want to be me and if I do help people to come out then that’s fantastic.

“That’s why it was important to me to do this shoot.”

The actress’ onscreen relationship with Sonia has also been the subject of mass praise, with many viewers welcoming this representation of the lesbian community, speaking about her role, Luisa recently told Diva magazine: “That was meant to be the long-term goal from when I came into the show, and that was the whole reason they brought Tosh in – to give some backstory to Tina.

“And then keep the Tina/ Sonia thing running for as long as they could. So it’s really nice… We’ve known about it forever.

“It’s really lovely and Natalie is lovely to work with. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Somebody actually tweeted the other day that what they loved about Tina was that she was just really normal.

“They said that it’s lovely to see a lesbian portrayed just like everybody else in the Square.”

And do you know what? We have to agree.

Keep doing what you’re doing, babes, we bloomin’ love you for it. 

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