EastEnders Who Killed Lucy Beale: ‘Creepy Man’ Stood Behind Zoe Ball Sparks HILARIOUS Twitter Reaction

We were still drying our eyes from Lucy Beale’s emotional final letter to her dad when we were shipped directly into Albert Square for an exclusive behind the scenes party with Zoe Ball, and we don’t think that we were quite prepared for what was in store.

Moments after the live show kicked off, the presenter was interviewing Ian Beale, er, sorry, Adam Woodyatt, but many viewers were a little bit too distracted to give the emosh actor their full attention…

Yep, stood right behind Zoe was somebody who Twitter have affectionately dubbed ‘the creepy man’, who bizarrely opted to stare directly into the camera with a rather menacing look on his face as the interview got underway:

Honestly? We were a little bit scared…

Social media was quick to go cray cray after spotting the guy, and to be fair, we can’t say that we blame them:

Ethan Anderton

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