EastEnders Who Killed Lucy Beale: Lorna Fitzgerald Reckons Abi Branning STILL Has A Motive

We have spent every evening of the last week pulling our hair and screaming at our TV as EastEnders promise to reveal exactly who killed Lucy Beale all those months ago.

Although last night’s episode appeared to see sweet an’ innocent Abi Branning [Lorna Fitzgerald] rule herself out of the suspect list by insisting to her dad that she didn’t kill the pretty blonde but wishes that she did, Lorna still thinks that Abs has a seriously big motive.

Speaking to The Mirror, the actress dished: “She knew Max was sleeping with Lucy so she didn’t want her to be her new step-mum!

“It’s creepy because she’s Lauren’s age, my sister’s age.”

Well, we aren’t quite sure that’s a big enough justification for murder, but with Lorna playing the whiney middle child we reckon that she knows Abi Branning better than anyone!

Was her revelation that she wished that she’d killed her dad’s mistress just ANOTHER red herring thrown in by BBC producers?

Or is the killer somebody a whole lot closer to Lucy’s home…

Last night’s cliffhanger saw Lucy’s twin, Peter Beale, painstakingly accuse Ian and Jane Beale of bumping his sister off, with step-sister Cindy and brother Bobby also in the running as the murderer.

Although we can’t help but think that eleven-year-old Bobby killing his sister and then acting totally casual about it for the last ten months would be just a little bit hard to believe… And definitely a sure sign of a psychopath.

Abi or Bobby (please no) or Ian or Jane, we are just mere hours away from finding out who the real guilty culprit is and we really, REALLY can not wait.

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