Ed Sheeran Confirms He Wrote ’18′ From One Direction’s Perspective – EXCLUSIVE

Ever since the song ’18′ appeared on One Direction‘s new album ‘Four’, Directioners have been furiously speculating who it’s about.

The super soppy love song, which was written by the oh so talented Ed Sheeran, harks back to a teenage romance, with the lyrics saying stuff like “I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18″.

Ed Sheeran Confirms He Wrote '18' From One Direction's Perspective - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight


And now the beautiful flame-haired man himself Mr Sheeran has (somewhat) put us all out of our misery by chatting exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity about the background to the song.

Asked if he had someone specifically in mind when he wrote the track for the boys he said: “I kinda wrote it from their perspective.”

Hmm, we wonder which boy’s perspective *that* was? Like we couldn’t guess…

Ed Sheeran Confirms He Wrote '18' From One Direction's Perspective - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight

Ed previously told Capital that it was the first song he’d lined up just with them in mind, saying: “I’m really happy with the record that I wrote for them. It’s the first record I’ve actually specifically written for them.

“The other ones were my records that just didn’t make it only my album, just because I had too many slow songs. But this one, I remember I had a meeting with them and he said we need a song. And the day after I wrote it and sent it over, and they sound great on it! It’s good.

But the 23-year-old told us he’s not sure if the song will ever be anything other than an album track. He said: “I don’t know if they’re ever gonna use it cos they’re using songs that they wrote so we’ll see what happens.”



Ed Sheeran Confirms He Wrote '18' From One Direction's Perspective - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight

By far the most spine-tingling moment of the entire series of X Factor 2014 was seeing Ed take to the stage with Simon Cowell’s act Ben in the final for their Saturday night duet. It was so good in fact that it saw Ben steal the crown the next night over Fleur – and we’re pretty sure their tender version of hit single ‘Thinking Out Loud’ had everything to do with it.


Ed Sheeran Confirms He Wrote '18' From One Direction's Perspective - EXCLUSIVE
By MazSight

We may not have yet heard the product of Ed’s collaboration with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder but we already know it’s going to rock our worlds. The talented pair hooked up to write a song together after both appearing on the X Factor this series. Ed told Capital: “It was really weird thing because I had heard that he just loves writing songs all the time. I’d never met him. He was in the dressing room next to me at ‘X Factor’ so I just popped my head around the corner and was like, ‘Oh, do you want to write a song tonight?”. WE ALREADY WANT IT ON REPEAT ALWAYS.


Ed once said he owes Pharrell a hat for pushing him to release ‘Sing’ as his lead X single – and we reckon he probably owes him an entire walk-in-wardrobe too. The track, which was was produced by the ‘Happy’ singer also saw him contributing additional vocals. And he of course starred alongside Ed in the music video. We LOVE this trans-Atlantic bromance.


The biggest male artists in the industry right now on stage together at the same time is always going to be special. But the fact that they are genuinely mates just makes it all the more meaningful. The pair celebrated their Grammy nominations over sushi lunch together – SO CUTE – and he recently told us: “We’re mates anyway and he was in Manchester at the same time as me. The thing I really liked about it is that me and him both spend a lot of time looking up to people who were big 30 – 40 years ago who were all mates and all did that together. “People just stay in their own lane and the only reason it happens is if it furthered their career whereas me jumping on stage with Sam is just fun.” The cutest.

1. Taylor Swift

BFFs Ed and Taylor famously collaborated on her track ‘Everything Has Changed’, sending fans crazy by using mini mes in the video. And the sneaky pair have more unreleased tracks – as revealed by Ed recently. He said: “I’ve recorded some more songs with Taylor Swift, but it’s just a case of finding out where to put them as I don’t really put collaborations on my albums. She did her last record, ’1989,’ really quickly, in about a month, I think, so there was no time to put any on there.” SIGH well she’ll have to hurry up with her next album, OK?

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