Ed Sheeran Joins Fan For An Impromptu Mall Duet, Giving Her A Surprise She’ll Never Forget

Those celebrities are getting rather good at surprises these days, eh? After Taylor Swift gave this superfan bride a special Wedding day treat, Ed Sheeran made one fan’s life by joining her for an impromptu duet in the middle of a mall in Canada.

Y’know, as you do. Casual. HAPPENS TO US EVERYDAY.

Ed Sheeran Joins Fan For An Impromptu Mall Duet, Giving Her A Surprise She'll Never Forget
By MazSight

Except that it doesn’t, and now we are sad. In fact, the most exciting thing that happens in our local shopping centre is when someone hands out free pretzel samples on a Saturday morning.

ANYWHO. Back to Eddy, who’s once again proven himself to be some sort of real-life angel by surprising Sydney Bourbeau, who was performing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in a mall in Edmonton, Canada.

Her awesome performance was part of a fundraiser for Edmonton Humane Society, and was given an extra special touch when the 24-year-old quite literally jumped on stage to join her.

Which is probably the only time we won’t be annoyed at stage crashers.

We’re going to pick up the pieces, and build a Lego House, painting with the colours of emotion because CRYING.

Speaking to the Edmonton Journal, Sydney, 13, described how she felt when Eddy casual hopped on stage like no big deal, revealing: “I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to talk to him. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

She added that his team had offered her tickets to his upcoming concert at Rexall Place arena on Sunday night.

And yes, that does mean Rixton’s Jake Roche was there too. BEST. DAY. EVER.

Ed Sheeran has once again proven himself to be the definition of a nice guy, so if someone could just give him his angel wings and halo now, that would be great. Thanks.

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