Ed Sheeran: ‘My Balls Need To Drop Before I Can Sing James Bond Theme’ -EXCLUSIVE

Ed Sheeran can literally do anything in the whole, wide world.

Write amazing songs? Sing amazing songs? Perform amazing songs? Make us fancy a short, awkward, ginger guy? Check, check, check, CHECK.

He could probably fly to the moon and walk on water if he wanted to, but he probs doesn’t really have the time.

However, when we caught up with the ultimate babe at the BBC Music Awards last week, he tried to tell us that there actually was something in the world that he doesn’t think that’d be very good at – And his reasoning behind it was pretty hilair.

Asked if he would like to take on the VERY big feat of recording the James Bond theme tune for the spy’s newest film, Ed told us: “I’m too wet for that. I wasn’t born with a James Bond voice, I’m not ballsy enough.

“That kind of song should be performed by somebody like Sam Smith or Paloma Faith.

“I mean, I would love to do it but it just doesn’t suit… Maybe in ten years time when my balls drop.”

Erm, lovely… Thanks for that, Ed.

Despite not thinking he has what it takes to sing for arguably the coolest film series in the world, the 23-year-old was more than happy to lend his vocals to the newest instalment of The Hobbit film.

And why?

Well, apparently because it just seemed fitting.

“I fit right in with the Hobbit franchise,” Ed shared, “I mean, who better than to sing on the soundtrack for the Hobbit than a short, hairy guy, right?”

When you put it like that…

Ed ended up having a pretty fantastic night at the inaugural ceremony for the BBC Music Awards, taking home the gold for British Artist Of The Year – one of just four prestigious categories.

Speaking after he had nabbed his award, Ed gushed: “I’m chuffed, i’m absolutely chuffed.

“I got given a bottle of fireball whiskey so we were doing shots of that in the dressing room.”

You can’t say the man doesn’t know how to party – save a shot for us, Ed!

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