Ed Sheeran Responds To Miley Cyrus’s MTV VMAs Dig, He Is Very Polite About It

Well, that’s one potential celeb feud nipped in the bud.

Ed Sheeran has responded to THAT Miley Cyrus comment in his typically gentlemanly manner.

In case you don’t know what we mean when we say THAT comment, let’s rewind a little bit to make sure that everybody is up to speed.

Many eagle-eyed VMA viewers, who fancy themselves to be a bit of a detective, accused Miley of calling Ed an a-hole as he walked past her on his way up to collect his first ever US award at the ceremony on Sunday.

We stared at a gif of the evidence until our eyes went blurry but couldn’t really make out if there was any truth to the rumours.

Like, at all.

BUT what goes without a doubt is the fact that Miley is sat there stoney faced and refusing to clap, so even if she didn’t say anything rude it is clear that she isn’t Ed’s number one fan.

Which is probably due to the fact that he likened her 2013 VMAs performance as a “stripper’s move” last year.

Which to be fair, it kind of was.

Anyways, Ed has been much more polite about Miley this time around and has publically addressed  ‘a-holegate’ and decided that he was going to be the grown up in the situation.

Ed says, “I don’t know why people were expecting a high-five, I’ve never met her. 

“There was a high-five between me and Scooter Braun because I know him, and that was the only high-five, I don’t know what people were expecting.”

Ed, it was never really about the fact that you didn’t high-five her, more about the fact that she apparently swore at you and DEFINITELY refused to clap.

That’s just bad manners.

Our fave ginger popstar (okay, after Ginger Spice), went on to shower Miley with praise, saying: “I think she’s a fantastic artist. She’s got a great voice and writes great songs.”

That she does. 

Right, so we’re still none the wiser on whether she did or didn’t call him any kind of name, Ed probably wouldn’t even know due to the DEAFENING CHEERS from his fans that were happening right around the same time, so the only person we can really talk to to get answers is Miley.

But she appears to have enough on her plate at the moment, what with the homeless man, Jesse Helt, that she took as her date to the VMAs to make a political statement turning out to be a wanted criminal.

Maybe we will leave this one for now and everybody can make up their own minds about it.

Although judging by Ed’s response, even if she did call him a naughty word he has proven himself to be quite the opposite with his very lovely response. 

Well done Ed – you single-handedly put a stop to the possibility of a celeb feud before it had even really started.

We knew that there was a reason that EVERYONE (apart from Miley) in the business appears to want to be your BFF.


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