Ed Sheeran’s Birthday: His Starriest Instagram Pics

He comes across as a really likeable guy.

And Ed Sheeran has plenty of famous friends who are more than happy to pose with the singer for MazSight pics, from hanging with Taylor Swift to partying with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

As Ed celebrates his 24th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his starriest pics.

1. Ed’s Starry Pic With Taylor Swift

“Thank you to ms. Swift for being the surprise guest this evening !”

Ed and Taylor Swift’s friendship makes us go AWWWWW every time.

And we got a glimpse into their mutual love with this pic of their hugs all round in November 2013 when Ed thanked TayTay for being a surprise guest.

2. Ed’s Starry Pic With Jay Z

Clearly no caption is needed when you pose for a pic with Jay Z.

The musical pair were suited and booted and looking like firm buddies for this pic in February 2015.

Heck they’re such good pals they even went to dinner together in LA with Beyonce after Ed and Bey performed in a Stevie Wonder tribute concert. Starry starry night.

3. Ed’s Starry Pic With Lady Gaga

“Just bumped into gaga she’s fetching me a drink. God bless the press”

Ed and Lady Gaga looked like archetypal showbiz pals in this selfie from February 2015, which Ed shared in response to reports that Gaga mistook him for a waiter at the Grammys. #Awkward

Gaga joined in the denial of the media stories by tweeting: “Silly stories about me & @edsheeran ! Of course I know who this gem is! THERE ARE NO WAITERS AT THE GRAMMYS PEOPLE”

And Ed kept it light-hearted with his response: “in all seriousness, where is my drink?” MEGALOLZ.

4. Ed’s Starry Pic With Courteney Cox

“My friend Courteney is nominated for a People Choice Award for favourite cable tv actress. She’s never won one before and she lets me live in her beach house, so how’s about we all vote for her and win her the damn thang eh? Safe. Vote here please kind people – http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/vote/votenow.jsp”

Being friends with an actual cast member of ‘Friends’ is about as starry as it gets, no?

And Ed is proper good mates with Courteney Cox, as this pic he shared in November 2013 proves.

In fact, he’s such a great pal he used the opportunity to encourage his followers to vote for Court to win a People’s Choice Award. Now that’s the kind of friend you want in your corner.

5. Ed’s Starry Pic With Harry Styles

“Decent night with the ladz”

Ed and Harry Styles are such good mates they get “bro tatts” done together, and Ed has even turned tattoo artist on Haz and inked the 1D hottie’s skin.

In this pic of the pair from August 2013 Harry’s expression certainly concurs with Ed’s caption that it was a decent night with the LADZ.

Keep sharing the starriness Ed, and we’ll keep wondering how you remain such a normal bloke.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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