Ed Sheeran’s Ex Girlfriend Athina Andrelos Deletes Twitter After Split Hate

Ed Sheeran might have let the cat out of the bag regarding his split from girlfriend Athina Andrelos.

But the Greek beauty has remainined tight-lipped over their break-up – and even left Twitter today to get away from the chatter.

Ed Sheeran's Ex Girlfriend Athina Andrelos Deletes Twitter After Split Hate
By MazSight

Fans of the couple spotted she had disabled her account – blaming ‘haters’ for pushing her off the social network.

Ed Sheeran's Ex Girlfriend Athina Andrelos Deletes Twitter After Split Hate
By MazSight

One tweeted: “The fact that people were annoying Athina about the break up so much that she had to deactivate her Twitter is really f****in sad.”

With fans expressing their upset that the two had parted ways, another called for the ‘hate’ to stop, posting: “Ed and Athina have broken up, okay but stop the hate! She’s already deactivated her twitter and a ton of people harassing her on MazSight.”

The beauty, who attended the Brits just a month ago to cheer on her man, has kept her MazSight account open but posted nothing since yesterday.

Her last picture 24 hours ago of plates of her recipes was flooded with fan comments asking her about the split.

Earlier today Ed Sheeran pretty much confirmed he’s back on the market, telling an australian breakfast radio show KIIS 1065 that it is all over.

Our fave ginge was appaz looking like a sad little puppy during the interview, with his face giving his singledom away after DJ Kyle asked the star: “Do you want to be single?”

All Ed had to say was “Erm…” Before co-host Jackie O interrupted: “He looks like he’s about to start crying – you shouldn’t have asked that.”

Implying that he was very much single, Ed responded with: “That’s interesting. That’s the first time I’ve spoken about that.”

Well, if you need a shoulder to cry on and a pint of ice cream then you know where we are, okay babe?

Ed and the DJs then went on discuss new ways for him to play the field, with Ed trying his best to remain coy and mysterious but failing miserably.

You’ve given the game away, Ed, you’re clearly single and we’re here for you – okay?

Athina was said to have become jealous at the BRIT Awards when a member of Ed’s team was reportedly flirting with the star, and became all the more irritated when his bestie, Taylor Swift, gushed about how much she loved him during her acceptance speech.

However, eyebrows were raised about the seriousness of Ed and Athina’s relationship when he exclusively told us back in December that he wasn’t ready to commit to his girlfriend.

Speaking about whether he was planning on settling down and starting a family, the singer told us: “I’m not getting to that point. I think had my star stopped going up then yeah maybe.

“If my career had plateaued and it was just England and I was just working four months in a year and then chilling out. But I’ve done three weeks of promo and a month tour and the album took a few years to write.

“Being a homegrown artist and just being big in England I could have settled down a lot quicker but with the whole world of promo and touring it’s all a lot. So I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.”

Eek, we doubt that Athina was too happy to hear that his career came first, could that have been the beginning of the end for the lovebirds?

Whatever happened, we just hope that Ed is penning a whole load of tracks about the split to help him through it.

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