Elle Macpherson’s Body Is Ridiculously Incredible – We Can’t Believe She Is 50 Years Old

We actually cannot believe that this is the body of a woman who is 50 years old.

New pictures of Elle Macpherson in a bikini are in and she looks seriously amazing.

These definitely call for mentions of ‘enviable figures’, ‘yummy mummys’, ‘crackin’ bods’, and just well, er ‘fit’?

They certainly don’t call her The Body for nothing.

So how can we get a bod which is half as decent as Elle’s? Well, yes it basically down to genetics but you can definitely help yourself out by avoiding the burgers and getting down the gym.

Alongside the snap, the Mum-of-two wrote: “Super greens… After super swim,”

Elle Macpherson's Body Is Ridiculously Incredible - We Can't Believe She Is 50 Years Old
By MazSight

BROCOLLI AND SWIMMING. Got that? Now write that down before you leap in the pool and grab the tenderstem.

Elle recently also revealed that she is a huge fan of Super Elixir health supplements which are a bio-live alkalising product which aim to ‘assist vitality’.

The drink contains loads of those aforementioned greens, chinese herbs and the supermodel claims that just 10g of the powder – taken daily – provides all of the vitamins and minerals she needs.

She also only eats fish, doesn’t drink any alcohol or smoke and downs vitamins.

“For years, I was taking vitamins and powders,” she previously told the MailOnline. “I tried alternative medicine, acupuncture, reflexology.

“I’m a pescatarian, I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke so what else can I do? I wasn’t unaware of wellness but something wasn’t working for me and I told my doctor ‘I don’t feel great’.”

It was then she discovered the health supplement and reckons she hasn’t looked back since.

Well, it is definitely working judging by these snaps.

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