Ellie Goulding STRIPS Down To Her Underwear In Dougie Poynter’s Cheeky Instagram Snap

So this picture just popped up as we were stuffing our faces with our fourteenth mince pie of the day (they’re DELICIOUS, OK?!).

Dougie Poynter of McBusted fame must have been pleased as punch this Christmas, getting to hang out with slamming hottie of the moment, Ellie Goulding.

So pleased in fact, that he posted this snap of the singer wearing nothing but a very festive set of underwear.

Bet Dougie thought all his Christmases had come at once, right? Captioning the shot: “Merry Christmas planet Earth”,  it was just one of many pictures Dougie shared with his adroing public over the holidays.

Crikey, can this couple just STOP being so flipping attractive ALL the time? This is not doing our self-esteem, already fragile at this time of year, ANY favours.

But seriously though, this pair? MAKE SOME BABIES YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, STAT.

The couple have been documenting their various japes over the festive period to their millions of followers, making us all simultaneously  seethe with jealously and also do a massive “Awwww, they’re just TOO cute” – which is quite a feat if you ask us.

It all started with what appeared to be a romantic getaway to the Scottish Highlands (Festive: Tick, Romantic: Tick), and ended with a drive back to London and a slap-up Christmas meal.

And where the hell was our invite, guys? Just kidding – as long as we can come up to Scotland with you next year, we’ll be fine.

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