Elton John And David Furnish To Marry This Weekend – Nine Years After Civil Partnership

Sir Elton John and David Furnish, are set to officially get married this weekend, with a lovely pre-Christmas celebration.

The happy couple have been together for over twenty years and became civil partners nine years ago, with news of their big day coming just a week after it fi-na-lly became legal to convert civil partnerships into marriages.


67-year-old Elton and 52-year-old David are apparently planning on saying ‘I do’ in front of around fifty close friends and family members in an intimate ceremony at their home in Windsor.

Word on the grapevine is that celeb royalty, David and Victoria Beckham the Osbourne family, and Elizabeth Hurley are set to be in attendance for the global superstar’s big day, and it’s no doubt going to be a suitably fancy affair. 

A friend of Elton’s told The Mirror: “Elton and David have been planning this for months.

“Elton is flamboyant but, for once, this will be a decidedly low-key affair.

“Only close friends and family are invited – it’s going to be a small, intimate do.”

The couple’s two adorable sons, three-year-old Zachary and one-year-old Elijah, are also said to be ring-bearers, with the source adding: “It’s important to David and Elton the boys play a special part.”

N’aww, please tell us that there will be pictures?? This sounds far too cutesy for us not to see.

Considering the shindig will be taking place just four days before Christmas, yep it really is that soon, the happy couple are said to be planning a festive theme for the day, with guests being treated to mulled wine and ‘festive canapes’.

We’re not quite sure what ‘festive canapes’ are, but we DEFINITELY want some.

Congratulations Elton and David – We’re off to buy a hat!

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