Emma Watson’s Birthday: Her Most Magical Twitter Pics

She played one of the most famous witches in the world.

And Emma Watson still brings the magic to her social media, whether she’s rivalling Hermione’s Hogwarts school uniform at her own graduation or making chairs levitate.

As Emma celebrates her 25th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most magical Twitter pics.

1. Emma’s Magical Chair Levitation

[email protected]_Women @phumzileunwomen @e_nyamayaro”

Just look at the big grin on Emma’s face after casting one of her spells.

Not only did she get a bunch of chairs to float in the air, she also got them doing it flipped upside down. Sure, you kind of need to squint and only glance at this pic she shared in August 2014 to be totally convinced, but still. This is Hermione, after all. Anything is possible.

All together now… Wingardium Leviosa.

2. Emma’s Magical Wand Skills

“Excited to be at @TribecaFilmFest as a movie fan.Good luck tonight @RobAguire #boulevard – your hair is perfect!”

Even with such a mini wand, Emma can still conjure pretty impressive things out of thin air, like rather handsome actors.

Those delicate hands in the air at Tribeca Film Festival in April 2014 are the perfect wand pose too.

Get practicing yours in the mirror.

3. Emma’s Magical Cloning

“Still got it. #HarryPotterWorld #watford”

What could possibly be better than Emma Watson/Hermione Granger? Two Emmas/Hermiones, of course.

Loving Emma’s subtle nod to her character’s style on her trip to Harry Potter World in November 2013 with those lapels. Also loving her Heidi plait. So that’s how Hermione got perfect waves.

Pass the Polyjuice Potion round and we can all become Ms Watson/Granger.

4. Emma’s Magical Feline Facial Hair

We all know that witches love cats.

And it seems it’s so much so in Emma’s case that she can’t help but conjure up a cat as a rather well co-ordinated beard in this pic from June 2013. Just check out her matching grey jumper.

Crookshanks would be proud.

5. Emma’s Magical Health And Safety


If you’re whipping your wand around left, right, and centre, be warned: Hermione will not stand for such wanton behaviour. After all, you could have someone’s eye out.

Emma had a giggle at a fan’s mash-up of Hermione scolding Ron for such reckless wand waving and mispronunciation being popped into a scene with He Who Must Not Be Named in April 2013.

Keep sharing the magical moments Emma, and we’ll keep practicing our spells.

Jolene Creighton

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