Ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena Is Declared BANKRUPT

Looks like it might be time to chop up those credit cards, eh?

Mutya Buena, of ex-Sugababes fame, was declared bankrupt this week.


The ‘MKS’ member and bum-implant enthusiast is in trouble with the bank after several of her companies (who knew she was such a little business-woman?) appeared to fall into the red this year.

One company, called ‘God Made Me Funky’ is owed  around £22,500 by Mutya (!) whilst another one called  ‘Sacred Three Limited’ is around £10,000 in debt, according to financial experts The Sun.

Oh, and ‘God Made Me Funky’ only made £902 profit in March last year.

£902?! If this was ‘The Apprentice’ then Alan Sugar would be having apoplexy.

Well, at least they’ve got pretty ‘snappy’ names eh? Should make it easier to sell them off in the future, we suppose (like we know anything about banking – you should see the state of our Post Office accounts).

Mutya and her MKS bandmates – Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy (AKA ‘The REAL Sugababes’) saw their much-heralded return to music sort of plateau and then nosedive after their comeback single ‘Flatline’ entered the charts at a quite miserable number 50.

According to her so-called  ‘reps’, the bankruptcy order is the result of an ‘administrative error’ and the girls are still writing and recording music together.

WELL HERE’S HOPING THAT’S TRUE AND CORRECT GUYS – we’ve got serious Sugababe withdrawal symptoms here.

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