Fearne Cotton Puts ‘Emphasis On Being At Home’ And Reveals ‘Family Comes First’

Fearne Cotton has opened up on becoming a mum to Rex AND a stepmother to husband Jesse Wood’s children.

The gorgeous ambassador for Tesco Mum of the Year 2015 explained that she’s now more picky about the jobs she does and that ‘family comes first’.

Fearne Cotton Puts 'Emphasis On Being At Home' And Reveals 'Family Comes First'
By MazSight


Speaking on This Morning, Fearne, 33, revealed: “I think any working mum takes a step back and definitely thinks very thoroughly about choices [they] make. You become a bit more picky, I guess because you really want to make sure that you’re home enough.

“For me, family always comes first so I do put my emphasis on being at home, I’ve got two step children as well so making sure that they’re really part of our whole process and our family and then work fits around that.”

Fearne Cotton Puts 'Emphasis On Being At Home' And Reveals 'Family Comes First'
By MazSight

We know we say this about everyone we love, but she is basically our spirit animal, style icon and everything else.

Plus we ALWAYS wanted her Diggit presenting job. Just saying.

She also admitted that getting the work/life balance is “difficult” for “any working mum,” explaining: “My husband is away a lot because he is in a band so we do have to kind of get very organised and militant about who is at home, when and where.

“We’re really lucky that we have help – my cousin is our nanny which is amazing and she’s gorgeous and loves Rex – so we’ve got help in place but we are just super organised and then I just try and take a seat back from work a little bit when I can.”

Fearne Cotton Puts 'Emphasis On Being At Home' And Reveals 'Family Comes First'
By MazSight

On becoming a stepmother, she added: “I was 29 when I met my husband so it was quite an induction into being a proper adult and a parent but I love it and they’re amazing kids and they love Rex and Rex adores them, he idolises them!”

Well it sounds like you’re doing a sterling job already, Fearne!

As much as she focused on her gorgeous family, Fearne isn’t letting being a mum stop her from working towrds her ambitions, saying that she might like to try acting one day.


She said: “I would give it a go I guess. I went to a lot of different auditions and did acting when I was younger so I’m kind of open to try anything, it seems good fun.”

Plus, the beaut mama will be hosting this weekend’s Tesco Mum of the Year Awards, honouring mums who have achieved something incredible or inspirational.

Speaking about the ceremony, she admitted she will “definitely” and “undoubtedly” bawl.

Fearne Cotton Puts 'Emphasis On Being At Home' And Reveals 'Family Comes First'
By MazSight

She added that becoming a mum has “definitely given that whole emotional side of me a big boost… and anything to do with kids or mums and that kind of bond will just set me off… I’ll be a wreck.”

Someone better have some tissues on standby for Fearne!

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