Ferne McCann Slams Vicky Pattison For Charlie Sims Dating Slur, Calls Her A Liar

Well she was hardly going to stay quiet about it, was she?

After reading Vicky Pattison‘s dating confessions in her autobiography, Ferne McCann appears to have become rather enraged by the bit about her on-off boyfriend Charlie Sims. Obvs.

Scathing in her Star column, the TOWIE star wrote: “Vicky Pattison’s new autobiography is called Nothing But The Truth. I’m surprised – considering she hasn’t told the whole truth.

“She happily missed out the fact she slept with Charlie when we were apart, claiming they only kissed,” Ferne confessed.

“She’s also unfairly accused Charlie of using her for publicity and paparazzi pics! Safe to say, I won’t be reading it…”

Now, before anyone gets too excited we DO have a copy of Vicky’s book in front of us and we can clarify exactly what it does say.

After meeting Charlie in Ibiza, Vicky describes how the pair bonded over Charlie’s confession that he was unhappy with Ferne, but nothing happened between them.

Charlie was then snapped snogging some random girl later that day, which in turn led to Ferne dumping him a few days later.

Ferne McCann Slams Vicky Pattison For Charlie Sims Dating Slur, Calls Her A Liar
By MazSight

Vicky and Charlie met up in Kent a few weeks after he split from Ferne, where he asked her out to dinner a few nights later.

But according to Vicky, things weren’t right between them from the moment they arrived at the restaurant surrounded by hundreds of paps.

Vicky apparently accused him of tipping them off (super common in celeb world, people), which he “swore blind he hadn’t”.

Vicky then goes on to say: “I decided to go ahead with dinner – mainly because I was bloody hungry! – but I had a bad feeling about everything.

Ferne McCann Slams Vicky Pattison For Charlie Sims Dating Slur, Calls Her A Liar
By MazSight

“We ended up having a good laugh and a litte kiss later that night, and I thought he was a nice lad, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was after publicity.

“Of course the pictures did make it into the tabloids, alongside a story that I was helping him get over his heartbreak with Ferne.”

Fast-forward to over a year later and Ferne and Charlie are 100% back together and “happier than ever”, despite their little ‘bump’ last summer.

Ferne added: “We are open and honest about our ups and downs, people don’t realise how happy we actually are!”

The feud rumbles on…

Nothing But The Truth: My Story by Vicky Pattison is out today £14.99.

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