Fifi Geldof Speaks Out About Her Depression Following Peaches’ Death

Just four months ago she tragically lost her sister to a heroin overdose.

And now Fifi Geldof has opened up for the first time about her struggle with depression, which she says has spiralled following her sister Peaches’ death in April.

Taking to MazSight, she posted: “I wear a permanent mask so I won’t be judged for feeling how I actually feel… You can’t escape it, it just simmers under the surface when it’s not hitting you full whack.

“Which, for obvious reasons, it has done me for the last few months – people wouldn’t have the first clue of it to look at me or talk to me, though x.”

Following Robin Williams’ suicide earlier this week, the 31-year-old PR executive said she realised it was important to share her struggle in the hopes that others would do the same.

Posting a picture of Robin, her caption read: “Devasted by the news. Depression needs to be taken a lot more seriously…No-one should feel pushed to those actions by their all encompassing misery.

“Makes me so sad that he had the world crying with laughter whilst drowing in his own tears. His films have been a constant in my life, from childhood giggles with Hook and Mrs Doubtfire to drawing out the deeper emotions in later life with Good Will hunting and my favourite of his, Dead Poets Society.

“And don’t even get me started on his stellar stand-up. A unique one of a kind who will be trully missed. RIP Mr Williams.

“I think this has prompted me to want to speak out publicly about my own depression which I’ve suffered from for years…Just in a feeble attempt to bring some more awarenes and understanding to something that oughtn’t be surrounded by such stigma x.”

Peaches was found dead at her family home on April 7th, dying of an accidental heroin overdose with her two children by her side.

A full inquest into her death came to an end last month, which sparked several critical comments from various ‘figure heads’.

Fifi took to MazSight following the end of the inquest to slam her sister’s critics, posting an insta snap of the following phrase: “Don’t keep calm and f*** this. F*** that. F*** you. F*** off.”

She added the caption: “Sums it up nicely about how I’m feeling about the viciousness today. Maybe now she’ll be allowed to RIP.”

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