For The Love Of All That Is Cute, Mollie King’s Dog Is Adorable!

Meet Mollie King‘s dog Alfie. The most adorable dog in all of pop land.


Like most dogs, Alfie loves going for walks.

But possibly prefers being chauffeur driven from time-to-time.

He’s akin at striking the odd pose.

Isn’t a huge fan of getting wet.

Like, at all.

He LOVES a cheeky road trip.

Has nailed super unimpressed face.

And, quite unsurprisingly, he’s also pretty darn good at sad puppy eyes too.

Alfie isn’t the most conventional dog when it comes to how he likes to spend his down time.

Although he does love nothing more than playing a game of catch.

Or channel hoping on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Oh, and he doesn’t do stairs.

And he’s a little wary around fire pits *gulp*.

Oh and he’s also got a budding pop career.

In conclusion, Alfie is probably the cutest dog of all time.

<3 <3 <3


Michael Zhang

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