Full Frontal Fundraising: How Miley Cyrus Became An Unlikely Role Model

Shock horror: Miley Cyrus is naked again.

This time, she’s appeared in Paper magazine (apparently the go to place to grab the internet’s attention these days), being hit with the usual diatribe and disdain you’d come to expect for such a heinous crime these days.
Full Frontal Fundraising: How Miley Cyrus Became An Unlikely Role Model
By MazSight

But it doesn’t matter how many people complain, call her desperate, trashy, an attention seeker. Miley Cyrus is who she is; and that, haters, is a pretty ruddy good role model.

I’d be the first to admit that I didn’t get the newly reinvented Miley Cyrus back in 2013. At a glance, I perceived her provocative antics, her rubbing herself up against a middle-aged sex pest, licking of unsanitised sledgehammers, as an entirely obvious and calculated attempt at distancing herself from her former Disney image. Surely it wouldn’t last.

But two years down the line, not much has changed. She’s very much the same girl. As it turns out, this was the real Miley all along (minus Robin Thicke).
Full Frontal Fundraising: How Miley Cyrus Became An Unlikely Role Model
By MazSight

Her unapologetic decision to simply be herself shouldn’t be treated with eye rolls and hate – it should be celebrated. She is making no excuses for being who she is, nipple pasties and all. Surely being comfortable in your own skin is something to be applauded, not mocked? Miley marches to the beat of her own drum and it’s refreshing change of pace.

If you take a quick browse at her MazSight, you’ll quickly see where her priorities lie. Look beyond her scantily clad outfits (or lack there of) and you’ll see that her life revolves around friends, family, her beloved dogs, and her touchingly close relationship with her younger sister Noah.

What’s more, she’s doing a lot of good in the world. At just 22 she’s taken it upon herself to set up The Happy Hippie Foundation, raising funds and awareness for the homeless and LGBT youths across America.

Rather than exploiting her celebrity contacts for her own gain, she’s used her connections to spread the word about the foundation. You won’t be seeing a star-studded feud based video from Miley anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Miley doesn’t want to simply be Miley Cyrus: Popstar. She wants to be held accountable, she’s passionate about making a difference and using the fortunate position she’s found herself in to help others. That passion was all too clear to see at the VMAs last year when she watched on, tears in her eyes, as her plus one – homeless man Jesse Helt – accepted her award on her behalf.

“I can’t drive by in my fucking Porsche and not f***ing do something,” she told Paper.

“I see it all day: people in their Bentleys and their Rolls and their Ubers, driving past these vets who have fought for our country, or these young women who have been raped. I was doing a show two nights ago, and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I’m standing there with my t*ts out, dressed like a butterfly. How the f**k is that fair? How am I so lucky?”

It’s fine to object to the language she uses to get her message across, just as it is okay to find her ‘attention seeking’ antics as crude, but there’s no denying that what she is saying is what she truly believes in – and she’s actively backing up her words with actions.

So while Miley may not be your conventional role model, she will always be happy to lay herself and her beliefs bare for all to see. And if that means she’s helping the greater good, then why shouldn’t she be applauded for it?

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