Gail Porter Reveals She Has Had Therapy For Sex Addiction, Which Is Part Of Her Bipolar Disorder

Kudos for speaking out, Gail.

TV personality Gail Porter has spoken out about her experiences with sex addiction, which she believes is linked to her bipolar disorder.

The former model has revealed that her addiction was so bad that she had to seek therapy, and even then she found that she had to attend a female only self-help group after the male sufferers proved to be too distracting.

Speaking candidly to the Scotland Herald newspaper, Gail shared: “I went to a sex addicts’ group and when we came out everyone was really horny.

“It’s like, ‘Do we go for a burger afterwards – or back to someone’s home?’ The girls ended up having to go to a female only group.”

The 43-year-old has previously spoken out about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she believes that this extreme sexual behaviour is a symptom of her depression.

Gail has also opened up again about her battle with stress-related alopecia, which saw the mum-of-one lose all of her hair in 2005.

“The worst thing baldness causes is loneliness,” she said, “I wondered if I’d been some really evil person in a past life to deserve this. Your friends say it doesn’t matter but it does to blokes.

“I watched this TV dating show and a young guy was asked his worst dating fear, and he said ‘If I was matched with a woman and she had no hair’.

“I go to the cinema on my own every week and there’s always a fat bloke in the corner with a big bucket of popcorn and he always says, “All right, Gail!” That’s the highlight of my single life these days.

“I’d like someone to go to the pictures with. Otherwise, it could end up with just me and the fat bloke with the popcorn.”

Aww, Gail – you’re breaking our heart!

And unfortunately, the presenter’s troubles don’t even end there as she admits that she is struggling for money, after getting a job as a barmaid at her local pub back in 2011.

She said: “Sometimes I’ll offer myself up for work to local estate agents or Boots but they don’t think I’m serious.”

However, Gail’s luck might just be changing as she is currently penning her autobiography and is also set to appear in a comedy show in Glasgow called Whingeing Women from next month. 

We hope it all goes well for you Gail, and you never know – maybe that fat bloke in the cinema is actually your soulmate underneath all of that popcorn!

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