Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Celebrates Her 18th Birthday With Adorable Childhood Photo

We may be used to seeing Maisie Williams as the very young Arya Stark who isn’t afraid to shove a sword through the chest of her enemies (in game Of Thrones, duh), but the actress is officially now a legal adult and she celebrated in the best way possible:


The teen star took to her MazSight account to make our hearts go all mushy as shared an adorable photo of herself in her pre-school days, captioning the pic: “Happy birthday to me, lol”.

In the snap Maisie looks a far cry from her on-screen persona, dressed in pink with her hair in pigtails and a very mischievous smile.

Gah, no wonder she grew up to be such a babe, eh?

Maisie had already revealed her, erm, rather wilds plans for the big 1-8 birthday, telling Alan Carr: “Going out is the typical thing when you turn eighteen, but it’s not really much fun when you have a recognisable face.

“So I am just going to camping with my friends.”

When a rather bemused Alan shot her a bit of a ‘WTF’ look, the actress added: “We’re hiring a nice big bell tent and putting lights up and having a campfire, so it’ll be cool!”

We have to admit, it sounds a lot ruddy better than necking 10 WKDs and getting chucked out of a club before midnight, where was our invite, hmm Maisie?

Either way, we just hope that she has a bloomin’ amazing birthday.

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