Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams: ‘You might not recognize Arya this season’ – Exclusive Video

game of Thrones’ star, Maisie Williams, spoke to Yahoo at the TV Choice Awards last night and gave us some exclusive deets for the fifth season of our fave fantasy drama.

Maisie has previously revealed that Arya ends up on a “dark and twisted path” and last night told us that all she can say is that we “might not recognise Arya this year,” which leaves us seriously intrigued.

Okay, maybe not much gossip, but still we take what we can get from this ever-secretive cast!

The last we saw, Arya was boarding a ship to Braavos having left her captor, the Hound, to die – what could possibly happen to leave her unrecognisable?

Does she mean physically à la the Hound? Or personality à la Theon?


The 17-year-old actress also revealed just how great the entire cast get along, saying: “The cast are so, so normal to hang out with. Before this show started a lot of the cast were fresh out of drama school and this was the first major thing that we did.

“Which means that we are all such normal people and this show has changed our lives, we’re such a family that if anyone tries to change or tried to forget where they came from it just wouldn’t fit well.”

Despite their happy family relationships with eachother, there is, of course, an ever-looming sense of doom with no character being safe from a grisly, Game Of Thrones murder.

Maisie told us: “This show is based on books but they can change what they like, and often do. So every year you pick up the scripts and flick through – everyone flips through to see if they die first, and then they read the scripts.”

We can’t say we blame them there – every episode has a risk of death for these characters.

The hit HBO TV show was later named winner of the Best International Program award at the TV Choice ceremony, which the gorgeous Maisie accepted on everybody’s behalf.

Congratulations Game Of Thrones – we look forward to seeing what season five will bring next year!

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