Gary Barlow And Mark Owen Were Nearly Snubbed From Howard Donald’s Wedding

Gary Barlow and Mark Owen have revealed that their Take That bandmate, Howard Donald, didn’t originally want them at his Wedding.


The trio go back actual decades, but even that wasn’t enough for Howard to invite the two men to his special two-day ceremony at the beginning of the year.

Speaking to The Sun about Howard and Katie Halil’s nuptials, Gary revealed: “We really had to fight to get an invite. I promise you that’s true.

“We were very lucky to get there at all.”

Well, that’s a bit awkward, isn’t it?!

Mark continues with his best explanation, adding: “He didn’t wants us there originally because he hates any sort of fuss.

“But there was no way we were going to miss it.”

Howard, the most private member of the mega famous band, didn’t tell many people about his big day as flashy magazine deals aren’t exactly his style.

However, it was revealed that he and his new-wife celebrated their wedding by hosting a massive reception at their home, complete with fish and chips and pizza for the guests.

We understand why Gary and Mark weren’t initially invited, Howard, but where the heck was our invite?! We just so happen to love fish, chips, and pizza.

Perhaps this marital snub is what encouraged former X Factor judge, Gary, to promise to sing at three of his biggest fans’ weddings at some stage in 2015.

The crooner announced his big plans earlier this month, taking to his Twitter page to kick off the wedded version of The Hunger games among Take That fans by announcing: “Every week I receive thousands of requests to sing at someone’s Wedding !

“In 2015 I want to sing at 3 weddings. The only deal is they have to be HUGE fans and all you have to do is stalk me on here.

“I won’t publish on here which weddings till after the event.

“In the past best friends have organised these things so if you want to keep a surprise no problem. Well the good news is there’s lots of weddings !!!!!! ;).”

Unfortunately, these positions appear to be going quicker than hotcakes on a cold day, with Gary announcing moments afterwards that he is already one wedding down, tweeting: “Ok we’re 1 wedding down ! Really looking forward to it [SIC]“

If Howard doesn’t want you at least the fans do, eh Gaz?

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