Gary Barlow Strikes Again As He Surprises THIRD Fan At Wedding


Gary Barlow has done it again, and surprised a THIRD fan by singing at their Wedding.

Anita Jayne Morrissey-Booth and her husband, Alex Morrissey, were given the fright of their friggin’ lives when the Take That superstar crashed their wedding to perform a rendition of ‘A Million Love Songs’.

It certainly beats your Dad’s mate from the pub acting as DJ for the night, hmm?

Anita wrote on Twitter: “I’ve woken up still in a bubble. I can truly say I had the most amazing day yesterday.”

“I still have no words to express how I am feeling right now. Did all that actually happen? I married Alex Morrisey and Gary Barlow turned up all in one day.”


Anita’s pal Kalesha, who helped organise Gazza’s visit, wrote on Twitter: “We did it!!!!!!!!!!!! We surprised @AnitaJayneBooth thank you thank you thank you @GaryBarlow”

Gary pledged back in January that he’d visit three of his biggest fans to perform at their weddings this year, and performed at Danielle Jones’ wedding back in April.

Danielle, who married Darrel Jones in Berkshire, and her bridal party had been trying to get the 44-year-old to pop along to her big day using the hashtag ‘#getgarytodanswedding’.

Despite Gary tweeting to say he couldn’t make it because he was out of the country, he actually secretly tweeted Kirsty to say ‘Let’s do this’.

SNEAKY, but we love it.

And now, he’s done it yet again.

Gary revealed the news on Twitter yesterday, writing: ‘Wedding number 3 has just happened #mega’.

Seriously, what a top bloke!

Now Gary, the all important question is – do you do birthdays? We’ve got a mate’s coming up next Thursday at Café Rouge, and we don’t think our Robbie impersonator is going to cut it…

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