Gary Busey: Should He Really Be On Celebrity Big Brother?

He’s reportedly being ‘monitored’.

Celebrity Big Brother bosses are reportedly questioning their decision to sign up Gary Busey for this year’s series following fears for his mental health.

In the past, Gary has successfully completed stints on US reality shows Celebrity Wife Swap, Celebrity Rehab and The Celebrity Apprentice.

However, his erratic behavior since he entered the house on Monday has already prompted the question – should Gary really be taking part in the competition?

The actor has been involved in a number of very awkward arguments in the house and been singled out by many contestants as the source of problems in the house.

Last night made for uncomfortable viewing after the house dared Geordie Shore’s Ricci Guarnaccio to get into bed with Gary.

Gary Busey: Should He Really Be On Celebrity Big Brother?
By MazSight

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer James Jordan was then warned about being more mindful of Gary’s hearing problems.
Gary Busey: Should He Really Be On Celebrity Big Brother?
By MazSight

They had earlier in the day clashed over what James perceived to be a homophobic comment from Gary.

The 70-year-old underwent brain surgery after a motorcycle accident in 1989 and was left with substantial damage to his brain.

Because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, the accident was near-fatal, flipping him over the handlebars and cracking open his skull on a curb. He was in a coma for four weeks and after this had to learn to walk and talk all over again.

Since this psychiatrists have confirmed that the accident weakened the actor’s mental ‘filters’, leading him to behave impulsively.

He told Joan Rivers last year: “My brain has been altered… to a high dimension in the spiritual realm. And that’s where I operate consciously and unconsciously.”

Following this accident Gary became addicted to cocaine having only been clean for 18 years after suffering an overdose in 1995.

It’s believed producers are currently ‘monitoring’ Gary and deciding whether he should be removed from the house if he is either a danger to himself or other contestants.

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