Gary Lineker’s Son George Has Got SERIOUSLY Buff In These Sexy New Pictures

When your dad is a famous footballer, chances are you are going to end up being pretty darn hot when you grow up – something that Gary Lineker’s son, George, can most definitely vouch for.

After what seems like yonks of us seeing Lineker Junior fall out of nightclubs surrounded by glamour gals, the 23-year-old appears to have turned his life around.

Well, he’s certainly ditched the beer for protein shakes, that is definitely a given.

Now that he is a bit of a hunk, George is apparently turning his sights to becoming a fully fledged business man, co-owning a new online music sharing platform, ‘Get Sung’, which is basically a free social network for music.

Looks and brains, eh? He’s definitely a keeper.

On top of becoming all business-like, Gorgeous George isn’t letting his looks go to waste, also signing himself up for online gym wear brand Pursue Fitness, as an excuse to show off his rippling abs and penchant for baby oil in a sultry photoshoot.

Basically, we just wanted to introduce you all to the super hot version of George Lineker, and all that there is left to say is a resounding: HUBBA HUBBA.

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Rob Cesternino

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