Gemma Collins: ‘I Was Obsessed With Food Because I Was So Unhappy’

Gemma Collins hasn’t ever been one to keep schtum about her issues with her weight, and over the years her struggle has been pretty well-documented – especially when she went into the I’m A Celebrity jungle for an impressive 72 hours last year.

Yeah, we’re still not over that.

Now, the TOWIE star has shown off her impressive two stone weight loss, which she attributes to the fact that she has finally come to terms with her underlying unhappiness, which she believes was the real reason behind her food battle.

Speaking to Now magazine, the 34-year-old revealed: “I realised that I was using food to stop me thinking about a bigger problem.

“I was obsessed with bad food, bad men, and bad choices.”

Ooft, would we really call Arg a ‘bad choice’, Gem?

Erm… On second thoughts, maybe you would…

The blonde babe went on to add that she had an unHealthy ‘obsession’ with food because she was trying to cover up a deep-rooted misery: “My whole life revolved around where I was going for lunch or dinner, it’s all I thought about.

“But in the jungle, I realise the real problem was I was unhappy – really, really unhappy.

“I was stuffing down food and getting involved in dramas with bad men to avoid confronting that.”

Now that the star has come to terms with her inner demons, she has also managed to change her eating habits so that she opts for healthier food, and is also undergoing 3D Lipo treatment.

Gemma, who is currently a size 16-18, says that her ideal weight is a size 14, and she won’t be setting herself any goals that are “too unattainable”.

Yesterday, the healthier and happier Gem was spotted landing in Tenerife with her TOWIE cast mates, as the team prepare to start filming a special holiday version of the hit reality show.

Never mind the bad food, we just seriously hope that Gem can avoid the bad men whilst she’s out there!

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