Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby Set To Reveal Weight loss Secrets In New Workout DVD

Charlotte Crosby said she’d never do a workout DVD because she was “no good at exercise”, but lo and behold the reality star has just announced she’s releasing a workout DVD.

The 24-year-old Geordie Shore star, who’s more likely to be getting ‘mortaled’ on our TV screens than going for a brisk run, has turned her lifestyle around and is about to share her secrets with us in the form of a video workout.

Charlotte announced the release of her 3 Minute Belly Blitz on her Twitter acoount earlier on today, but what’s puzzling is the fact that just this summer she said she certainly wouldn’t be doing one.

Back in July, when she was first spotted with a personal trainer, Charlotte said: “I can’t see us ever doing that [exercise dvd] because I’m not good at exercise.

“I don’t mind the diet card but I’m not good at exercise and I don’t like it. Right now it’s a definite no-go for me.”

At the time Charlotte had seen some less-than-flattering pictures of herself in a bikini published pretty much everywhere, but was adamant she was training for heself and no one else.

So, was Charlotte telling some porkies when she was interviewed by OK? It definitely appears that she may have been.


It was only last month that the Geordie Shore starlet stunned everyone when she appeared in a figure-hugging dress on a night out, revealing she’d lost a whopping two stone.

And now it looks like Charlotte, who was never going to do the whole Vicky Pattinson exercise DVD thing, is going to do the whole Vicky Pattinson exercise DVD thing off the back of her weight loss success.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the release of her workout sheme, Char said: “I’m proof the DVD works and I can’t wait to reveal my new body and the secrets behind my weight loss.”

While we’re still feeling quite cynical about the massive U-turn on the DVD, we have to say that were very impressed by Charlotte’s exercise regime and stunning results.

We just hope that ‘taching on’ with Gary doesn’t form part of the interval training.

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