Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby Shares Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation After Dropping FOUR Dress Sizes

Geordie Shore star/ Celebrity Big Brother winner, Charlotte Crosby, has been wowing us all with her squillions of photos of her toned stomach in her best Fitness gear, and now she has shared a vid to show off the true extent of her transformation.

The newcastle lass went from a size sixteen to a size eight in just six months, following some rather unflattering, and not at all staged, pap shots of the reality star waltzing up and down a beach in a bikini.

Upon seeing these shots, the cynics among us were quick to shout: “SLIMMING DEAL”, and although cynicism is never cool, in this instance it was totally right, with the 24-year-old shedding two and a half stone with the help of her new fitness DVD: ’3 Min Belly Blitz’.

Well, isn’t that handy?

In the past, Charlotte has blamed filming long hours on MTV’s Geordie Shore, and yo-yo dieting on her dramatic weight gain, explaining: “It’s hard on the show because we film for six weeks at a time and it involves constant drinking and eating pizzas and kebabs. It’s nearly impossible not to put on weight.

“I know I’ve been naughty with my diet, even when I’m not filming. I just love junk food. I can’t drive past a McDonald’s without going in for a burger and fries.

“I’d love to tone up and get back to a size 10, but it’s not easy.”

Now she has surpassed her goal and got down to a tiny and toned size eight, Charlotte shared: “I’m proof that it works.”

Showing off her bod all over MazSight, Charlotte captioned her latest video, which shows off the dramatic transformation, with: “GIRLS you CAN get a transformation like this! I can’t express how happy I am now!

“And it’s all down to #3MinBellyBlitz

Colin Lecher

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