Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle Driving Sex Tape Could Result In A Driving Ban

Both hands on the damn wheel, Gary!

Gaz from Geordie Shore has found himself at the head (no pun intended) of his very own grainy celeb sex tape scandal after a tape was leaked which appears to show him at the receiving end of something rather naughty while driving a Ferrari.

A scene only conjured up previous to this in the mucky dreams of teenage boys.

Now we’ve seen the video so you don’t have to (honestly, think yourself lucky) and will now take this opportunity to give a brief synopsis:

Gaz can be seen grinning (rather manically since you ask) as a lady leans over his er, Sky Plus remote (his words, not ours) as he drives his £ 116k motor.

It appears to be Gaz who is filming the er, favour like some sort of wayward Snapchat gone wrong.

The Sun have referred to it as a ‘drive romp’.

And now he could be in trouble with the law after sources suggest that police aren’t too impressed with his, er multitasking.

Y’see, they would rather that drivers had both hands on the wheel at all times and their flies done firmly up when the wheels are in motion.

It’s believed that they are considering pressing charges due to Gaz’s lack of ‘due care and attention’ which could see him banned and fined £9,000.

Oh dear.

May we suggest that next time you take advantage of the local Homebase car park, Gareth?

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