Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison BLANKED by her Mum for having SEX on TV

After the release of her ‘canny’ tell-all memoirs, the literary community has been in a FRENZY – well, kind of.


Geordie Shore beauty queen Vicky Pattison, 25, unveiled in her new book “Nothing But The Truth” that her mother is not a happy bunny.


Having been caught on tape doing the nasty with ex-piece of man candy, Ricci Guarnaccio, 27, Vicky tells-all about her shame.


“I hated having sex on camera,”  Vicky (read: ghost writer) reveals in the book.


“Of course, I was drunk when it happened. It was something Ricci pushed for and because I was p****d I caved in.”


Ricci, eh?


This sour couple are known for being at eachother’s necks.


The Geordie lass even told MTV.co.uk: “If my relationship with Ricci taught me anything it’s that if you’ve god a d*ck you’re gonna be a pr*ck.”


WOAH! Ryan Gosling could never break our heart…



It’s not like this is the first time this has happened anyway!


Come on, people!


We ALL watched this year’s Big Brother *puts hands over eyes* as perhaps the most poorly dubbed portmanteau couple ‘Steverly’ made whoopee.


Dear GOD we wish we hadn’t!


Despite that fact that mother dearest is more than a little miffed at Vicky’s clandestine trysts, we think she should cut her daughter some slack.


And let’s face it, we’ve all done things we’d rather our mums didn’t find out.


To all the haters out there:


And to your dear, sweet mum:

 [Vicky Pattison in STEAMY lingerie selfie]

[Vicky Pattison shows cut hair and hints about GAZ?]

[Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby CARRIED out of club]

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