George Clooney Wedding: Amal Alamuddin Looks STUNNING At Pre-Wedding Celebrations

We haven’t been this excited for a knees-up  since our second cousin’s shotgun Wedding in Ipswich.

George Clooney and his fiancée Amal Alamuddin are set to get married TODAY in Venice.


The glamorous couple celebrated with their fellow A-List pals at a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner last night – at the exclusive five-star Belmond Cipriani Hotel on the nearby island of Giudecci.


Amal looked absolutely stunning – as per – as she actually SAILED up to the venue, looking the absolute business in this incredible red dress thing-ma-jig.

Like, she sailed to the venue. SAILED. Who does this? What kind of goddess is she? AND LET’S NOT FORGET SHE’S A HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER TO BOOT.

We may as well just shoot ourselves in the face now, as Amal Alamuddin – with her fantastic name, face, hair and soon-to-be husband – is basically just owning EVERYONE right now.

She was joined on the boat by her mother Baria and sister Tala, as they waited for boats to escort them to the next venue with wedding guests.

George – looking particularly fit and ‘jovial’ – went  in a separate boat (naturally) with his best man Rande Gerber – (husband of Cindy Crawford !!) alongside a whole host of other very good-looking, well-dressed and probably quite rich men.

Oh, and the boat was called ‘Amore’. OBVIOUSLY.

Seriously, is this the classiest wedding ever?

According to your pals and mine at Grazia Magazine, George’s bride-to-be checked into their wedding venue last night -  the Palazzo Papadopoli Hotel  – accompanied by her four bridesmaids.

The ceremony itself kicks off at 5:30 today, with A-Listers like Brad and Angelina and U2′s Bono jetting into Venice at around 12:00pm today.

Amal is said to be wearing a Sarah Burton dress, similar to Kate Middleton’s, after she was spotted leaving Alexander McQueen’s store in London several months ago.

George, being the handsome devil that he is, is wearing a Giorgio Armani suit.

George Clooney Wedding: Amal Alamuddin Looks STUNNING At Pre-Wedding Celebrations
By MazSight

Of course he is.

Now excuse us whilst we try and get on the next available EasyJet flight to Venice.

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