George Clooney’s Birthday: His Most Suave Pics

He makes fans swoon on a daily basis with his smooth ways.

And George Clooney is always ready to ramp up the debonair factor, whether he’s looking oh-so-stylish at his Wedding with Amal Alamuddin or oozing effortless cool on the red carpet.

As George celebrates his 54th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his suavest pics.

1. George’s Suave Wedding

Talk about the cats that got the cream.

George and his wife, Amal couldn’t look more cool, calm and collected as they do here at their wedding celebrations in Venice in September 2014.

Those facial expressions, George’s shades, Amal’s amazing hat. Who else is putting these two down as the most suave and classy couple in the whole of Hollywood?

2. George’s Suave Tails

You don’t get much more suave than a tailcoat.

And George looked every bit the dashing gent at the Met Gala in New York in May 2015.

The white dickie bow tie, the red pocket square to match Amal’s (totally stunning, obvs) gown, the nonchalant hand in the pocket that just oozes cool. Yep, George is one seriously polished dude.

The grey locks only add to the mature sophistication.

3. George’s Suave Award Pose

Ole Georgie boy has won his fair share of awards, and boy does he know how to style it out.

Case in point; when he received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes in January 2015.

Just check out the facial expression that George graced the press room with, and his easy going way of holding the gong. That pose just screams: “Yeah, I just won, no biggie”.

He also made one of THE sweetest acceptance speeches EVER, giving a shout out to his new wife: “Amal, whatever alchemy that brought us together, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband”.  


4. George’s Suave Goofball Pose

George can rock a bow tie like no-one’s business.

And the actor looks extra charming when he playfully tweaks said dickie bow and plays the goofball, like he did at the Venice Film Festival in August 2007.  

5. George’s Suave Lapel Pose

Not only does George do tie tweaking to perfection, he also knows how to work those lapels.

Looking every inch the catalogue model casually holding onto his lapels, George was a sight to behold at the BAFTAs in London in February 2006.

Keep playing it suave George, and we’ll keep swooning all over the shop.

Jason Weisberger

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