Gethin Jones Says He Wants To Join Tinder: But These 9 Celebs Already Have!

Er, definite swipe RIGHT!

Gethin Jones has revealed that he is considering joining Tinder because he simply ‘doesn’t know where to meet girls’.

The presenter told today’s Sun: “I went on Tinder with my mate the other day as I find it absolutely fascinating.”

Yes, and it would be even more fascinating for seeing you and your fit face there Gethin!

 “I would like to go on there and meet someone nice for a date as it makes it easier. I am 36 now. Where do you meet girls? In a bar? I don’t know. It is really difficult to meet people,” he explained.

This got us thinking – Tinder is fast becoming as much a destination for us mere mortals wanting to pull as it is those residents of celebland.

They’re all at it!

Yep, Tinder is becoming quite the celebrity destination of choice.

1.    Hey, Lily Allen even admitted to having a dabble despite the fact she is flippin’ married! Well, it’s nice to window shop, we suppose.

2.    One of our team stumbled across MIC star Francis Boulle. Sadly, it wasn’t a match.

3.    Following his split from Liz Hurley, Shane Warne admitted to having a little explore online.

4.    Lindsay Lohan admitted she was startled to say the least when she swiped into her BROTHER Michael.

However, we reckon Lilo’s alarm was nothing in comparison to anyone who stumbled across HER page!

5.    Calum Best has even admitted that he is totally on Tinder on the hunt for a match.

6.    Louise Thompson was spotted doing her best flirty come hither face on Tinder the month after she split from Andy Jordan.

7.    Oh, of COURSE James Franco and his dodgy selfies are on Tinder.

8.    Louis Smith was also spotted having a digital fish. Just check out his about me! Heartfelt stuff.

But imagine if a celeb swiped right on another celeb? Would some sort of spontaneous celebrity combustion occur? COULD TINDER HANDLE IT? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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