Gino D’Acampo Confirmed To Join Celebrity Juice And Can’t Wait To Demonstrate Sex Positions With Fearne Cotton

Well, we definitely didn’t see this coming.

Celebrity chef and media personality, Gino D’Acampo, has been confirmed as Holly Willoughby’s replacement on the Celebrity Juice panel.

Gino will be keeping Holly’s seat warm for her as she goes on maternity leave for her third baby. The gorgeous Team Captain was practically glowing in her last episode before the leave, which aired last week, with Gino replacing her on the panel from this week onwards.

Although Gino is no stranger to being the celebrity guest on the panel, taking on the position as team captain all seems a little bit random to us, what with the likes of Kelly Brook and Michelle Keegan being among those rumoured to join the show. 

However, we trust that ITV know what they are doing and the 38-year-old cooking sensation is clearly really excited to be joining the award-winning comedy show, saying: “I actually can’t believe it’s true… It’s going to be my gig of the year!”

And fellow team captain, Fearne Cotton, better run for cover because he already has his eye on her for all sorts of embarrassing stints and stunts, with Gino continuing: “A show where I can express myself, not through food, but through my sex positions. Which I will be happy to demonstrate with Fearne.”

Good old Fearne doesn’t actually seem to be put off now that she has to deal with the show’s host, Keith Lemon, AND another male co-host without her trusty female sidekick beside her, she revealed: “I’ll certainly miss Holly and am slightly worried about Gino’s very naughty side but it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

If anyone can hold their own, it’s definitely Fearne.

Keith also had a few words to say about Gino joining the Celeb Juice team, in typical Keith Lemon style of course: “Looking forward to having me old pal from Sheffield cover for Holly whilst she’s sprouting.

“I don’t know how he’s gonna keep up that fake Italian accent for a whole series but it’s gonna be fantastico! As Gino says, or when he’s out of character ‘reet good’!”

He has since tweeted about Gino joining the show ahead of tonight’s recording:

Well, we are still a little bit confused and surprised but one thing’s for certain: We definitely can’t wait to see how the show turns out.

Break a leg, Gino!

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