Glastonbury Festival 2014 On Social Media Summed Up In These 17 Moments

It’s all over for another year.
Glastonbury Festival 2014 On Social Media Summed Up In These 17 Moments
By MazSight

But Glastonbury doesn’t have to be forgotten, relive some of the best moments and indulge in some backstage action with our list of the best pics and moments shared on social media. Did you know there were duck men wandering the fest? Or that Bradley Cooper was hiding in the crowds to watch Metallica? Check out those moments and more in our list below.

1. The weekend got off to a stellar start with the BBC merrily telling the Glasto goers to ‘prepare for rape.’

2. Alexa Chung posted some bullshot.
3. BFFs Laura Whitmore and Amanda Byram looked unfairly gorgeous in this backstage selfie. DON’T THEY KNOW THE REST OF US HAVE FESTIVAL HAIR/FACE/EVERYTHING TO DEAL WITH?!
4. Speaking of Laura, she met a giant duck man backstage. Because of course there are giant duck men at Glastonbury.
5. Heavy metal riffers Metallica finished their thunderous set with a sacrifice to the… wait they- what? They floated a bunch of balloons? That… Huh.

6. Gorgon City gently reminded us that he was leaving this behind for Glastonbury. *sigh* Thanks for that Gorgon.
7. Ed Sheeran and Rudimental hung out backstage. We’ve only just noticed how much tinier Ed is than ANYONE else in the photo.
8. The crowds for Dolly Parton may have been the biggest gathering of the weekend (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

9. Lily Allen showed she was doing Glastonbury right.

Jolene Creighton

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