Gogglebox Star Silent Jay Makin: I’m Generally Quite Talkative, They Edit Me Out!

We’re not quite sure what to think of this, but Silent Jay Makin of Gogglebox fame isn’t as silent as the show has had us all believe.

In fact, he’s ‘generally quite talkative,’ according to the man himself.

Speaking to The Sun, Jay revealed that while he was initially quiet during the early days of filming, in the latest series he has got comfortable enough to air his opinions.

Unfortunately, these opinions tend to end up on the cutting room floor.

He told the paper: “At first it was new to me, so I was just a bit shy, and then it kind of evolved into a running thing – ‘When’s Jay going to speak? When’s Jay going to talk?’”

“It was only a snippet but at the end of season four, for The X Factor finals, I was actually speaking, so that was good. Hopefully, more talking will come in the future.”

Makin added: “They just edit the bits where I talk out. I mean, whenever The X Factor comes on, I’m always very vocal, but those bits never make it onto the show because it’s become a running joke that I never say anything.”

Jay recently split from girlfriend Eve, who also appears on the show alongside the Makin clan.

Speaking of the break-up, Jay admits that the two are still on good terms despite finding out that she is already seeing someone else.
Gogglebox Star Silent Jay Makin: I’m Generally Quite Talkative, They Edit Me Out!
By MazSight

He explained: “Mutual friends have told me she’s got a new boyfriend already, which is bad. It shows that she really didn’t care much about me.

“We’re still friends, we get on fine and filming is not a problem. People have said we had this big, massive row and it’s not like that at all. There’s no hard feelings, it just didn’t work out.

“Hands down, she is one of the loveliest girls I’ve met. We have known each for too long to throw a friendship away over it.”

[Silent Jay and Eve have broken up]

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