A man who mysteriously disappeared two decades ago was unexpectedly found, thanks to Google Earth!

William Moldt went missing in November, 1997. His disappearance was previously reported to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida but the case had gone cold, Daily Mail reported.

Until this year, when the manager of The Grand Isles housing development reportedly spotted a sunken car in a pond in Wellington, just near Palm Beach through Google Earth. The manager’s discovery was then reported to the people in authority who immediately facilitated the recovery of the submerged car.

Inside the highly calcified vehicle were remains of a man, who the authorities identified as Moldt. He reportedly left a night club at around 11pm on November 7, 1997. According to the reports, he called his girlfriend at around 9:30pm, while he was at the bar, and that was her last contact with him.

There were claims that Moldt had several drinks that night when the incident happened. No information was further disclosed other than this.

The Grand Isles housing project, which is just near to the pond where Moldt’s remains were found, was under construction at the time of his disappearance. The vehicle, together with the remains, was reportedly endorsed to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office for processing.

Details of his disappearance, based on The Charley Project, revealed that Moldt’s vehicle had been visible on the satellite photo of Google Earth since 2007. The report further revealed that a property surveyor spotted the car while looking at Google Earth.

Google Earth is a computer program which gives a 3D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery. This program allows the users to see cities and landscapes from various angles. By entering addresses and coordinates, a user can take advantage of the opportunity to explore the globe.

One can also access Google Earth using their smartphones or tablets. According to Geology.com, Google Earth is the world’s most detailed globe and one of the most often downloaded programs throughout the Internet history. Furthermore, the user can also easily access the geographical location of even the most remote areas.

Nowadays, everything seems possible with the advent of technology. A great of example of which is Google Earth. Thing is, we only need to hone our skills in using the same so we can use it in ways that are beneficial to the community.

Who would’ve thought Google Earth could become such a tool —accidentally used— to resolve a case that’s gone cold for a long time? Come to think of the possibilities it could do if people are skillful enough to use it and if the same is further enhanced.