Grammy’s 2014: Beyoncé Breaks Records & Sam Smith Gets A Whopping SIX Nominations

Not content with being the ‘lead female vocalist’ of one of the most important girl bands of all time. Not content with being a gazillion-selling record artist in her own right. Not content with being married to actual Jay-Z and producing a cute-as-can-be heir to the throne. BEYONCÉ‘S JUST NEVER RUDDY CONTENT IS SHE?

But when the 2014 Grammy nominations were announced yesterday, we can only hope that Queen Bey sat down in her diamond encrusted throne, kicked off her House of Deréon shoes , poured herself a drink and said “You know what, NOW I can chill for a bit – because I’m now the most-nominated woman in the history of the Grammy Awards.”

But knowing Bey, she probably just got Tina Knowles to watch Blue Ivy for the rest of the afternoon, so she could plot even MORE world domination.

The ‘***Flawless’ singer yesterday overtook none other than Dolly Parton to become the most-nominated woman in Grammy history, walking away at the end of it with 52 – yes, FIFTY-TWO – nominations. Poor Dolly only managed 36.

She’s already got 17 awards! Does she really need any more? (OF COURSE SHE FRIGGIN’ DOES, SHE’S BEYONCÉ).

Beyoncé released her self-titled album (surprisingly called, ‘Beyoncé’) in December last year, not telling anyone she was doing it and basically sending the world completely LOOPY. And although ‘Drunk In Love’ wasn’t nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ (WHAT), we bet Beyoncé’s pretty smug about the fact that she’s gone and bagged herself six nominations off the back of it.

Oh, and who else has gone and picked up six nominations? Well, only Hertfordshire’s answer to Beyoncé himself, none-other than awkward one-night-stander Sam Smith.

The angelic-sounding Sam looks set to be reppin’ the UK at the award’s show in February, where he’s nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo performance.


Of course, Sam’s not the only Brit in the running for an award – Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Bastille, Alt J, and Charli XCX  have all got nominations too – but hang on, aren’t there five British and Irish boys missing from this list?


We know, we’re shocked and appalled too.

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