Grammys 2015: Ed Sheeran Mistaken For A Waiter By Lady Gaga

Poor Ed Sheeran, as if it wasn’t bad enough that he walked away from the 2015 Grammys without winning anything (we’re still seething), our fave flame-haired popstar has revealed that he was mistaken for a WAITER backstage at the do, by none other than actual Lady Gaga.

We genuinely can’t imagine anything more awks.

Thankfully, Gaga chose the right celeb to potentially humiliate as Mr. Laid-Back-Sheeran only saw the funny side of the dramz, quipping that perhaps it was time he bought himself a new suit.

Although mysteriously, that tweet has now been deleted… Bit odd?

The 23-year-old took to his Twitter page after the ceremony, writing: “I love @LadyGaga. Spoke to her earlier and she mistook me for a waiter.

“Gotta love the #GRAMMYs. #INeedANewSuit? Aha.”

All we have to say to Gaga is… How, HOW, could you not recognise Ed? He was nominated for a gazillion awards AND gave a pretty fantastic performance of Thinking Out Loud with Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra.

We mean, somebody clearly wasn’t paying much attention…

Despite the embarrassing confusion, and the totally disgraceful lack of Grammy wins, Ed seemed as though he was in high spirits this morning, MazSightming a screenshot of his number one song and album on iTunes alongside the caption: “All is well.”

Always looking on the bright side, eh?

Meanwhile, Ed’s good pal Sam Smith positively cleaned up at the fancy shindig, taking home a whopping four of the prestigious trophies.

Still, we think Ed is the real winner – after all, who needs a Grammy when you can have a brilliant, Lady-Gaga-Related anecdote for life?

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