Grammys 2015: Kim Kardashian Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction As Dress Rips On The Red Carpet

Oh dear, the last thing that you want to happen as you strut your stuff on the Grammys red carpet is a wardrobe malfunction, and unfortunately for Kim Kardashian that’s exactly what happened when her gorge couture dress started to fall apart at the seams.


The reality star revealed that in the car on her way to the prestigious awards ceremony, she and husband Kanye West were frantically trying to sew and safety pin the pockets onto her Jean Paul Gaultier vintage gown, but unfortunately their efforts weren’t enough.

Speaking on the red carpet, the mum-of-one revealed: “When I sat down it ripped and we were sewing and safety-pinning.

“The dress probably weighs 100lb all together.”

Yikes, that definitely doesn’t sound like a fun weight to be carrying around all night – at least she looked pretty and sparkly while doing it, eh?

Part of the issue with the choice in dress probably comes via the fact that Kanye was the one to choose it – and you know those men, they don’t ever think of practicality.

Gushing about how “lucky” she is to have a hubby with such a fab sense of style, the 34-year-old shared: “He saw this online at a couture show and sent me the picture and said, ‘Babe do you like this dress?’

“He called the designer, gets it and it’s sitting my dressing room.

“I’m the luckiest woman alive.”

If you say so, love.

And if you are wondering what Yeezus had to say about the dress, it was predictably bizarre and arrogant, stating: “Never before in our lives have we witnessed such beauty.

“Beauty is important.

“The Kardashains wouldn’t be famous if beauty wasn’t important.”

Erm, right…

Unfortunately for Kim, a malfunctioning dress wasn’t the only embarrassing moment that she faced last night, with the reality star also being left red-faced when Kanye looked set to make another show of himself after he stormed the stormed the stage when Beck beat Beyonce to the Best Album award.

Thankfully, Kanye managed to keep it relatively low key and even poked fun at himself following that 2009, Taylor Swift debacle.

And thank bloomin’ goodness for that.

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