Grammys 2015: Taylor Swift Poses With Diplo – Is Their Feud Over?

All the stops might have been pulled out to ensure that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift didn’t cross paths at last year’s Grammys, but whoever was in charge of making sure that TayTay didn’t bump into Katy’s ex-beau, Diplo, didn’t do a very good job.

After launching a cruel Twitter campaign to “Get Taylor Swift A Booty” last year, the 36-year-old posed up a storm with the 25-year-old babe backstage at last night’s show, and even changed his Twitter name to ‘Taylor Spliff’ in tribute to the star earlier today.

We’re not sure if she approves of his choice in tribute, but it’s a tribute none the less.

Admittedly, in the pic TayTay looks ever so slightly unimpressed to be in her former nemesis’ presence, opting for a polite ‘i’m-having-a-drink’ pose instead of a smile, as the performer acts like he’s too cool for this shizz and stares nonchalantly into the distance.

You’re not fooling us, Dip, we know that you’re fangirling on the inside.

The musician captioned the photo with a suitably laid-back: “Then this happened @taylorswift vs taylor spliff #grammys2015″, no doubt massively annoying his ex-girlfriend in the process.

Not hoping for a reconciliation then?

Katy and Taylor’s history goes way, way, way back and is full of more dramatic twists and turns than we can even keep up with, but it basically all kicked off when Tay revealed that the song ‘Bad Blood’ on her 1989 album was inspired by the ‘Roar’ singer.

Okay, so she didn’t say that in so many words but it was BLOOMIN’ OBVIOUS.

Obviously Katy wasn’t just going to take that laying down and has been involved in some equally obvious indirect Twitter jibes towards the starlet, making the whole thing more awkward than ever.

Diplo backed his then girlfriend last November, making fun of Tay by tweeting: “Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty.”

At this point, Tay’s friend Lorde jumped to her pal’s defense and quipped back: “@Diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm.”

It was basically an even more brilliant version of Mean Girls.

Since then, Diplo has revealed that he’s had Taylor’s dedicated fans threaten him via Twitter and it was then that he seemed to back off ever so slightly, which was no doubt for the best.

However, while we’re all for bygones being bygones, a cosy selfie with the girl whose booty you insulted in front of the entire world seems to be a very strange tactic, and proves that whilst Tay was more than happy to avoid Katy at the fancy do, she had no issue with proving to everybody that she’s totally cool with putting the past behind her.

First a snap with ‘I’mma-Let-You-Finish’ Kanye West, and now ‘Grow-A-Booty’ Diplo – say what you want about Tay, she clearly doesn’t hold a grudge.

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