Gwyneth Paltrow’s Birthday: Her Most Candid Instagram Pics

She’s fiercely protective of her private life.

But Gwyneth Paltrow does open up on her social media with informal snaps now and then offering a glimpse into her world, whether she’s “feelin’ the love” with her kids or posting no make-up selfies.

As Gwyneth celebrates her 42nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most candid MazSight pics.

1. Candid with her kids

#tbt #luckiestmomever #exumas”

Gwyneth keeps her children, Moses and Apple, out of the public eye.

But she does occasionally share adorable shots of her kids on her MazSight, like this pic from April where the trio shared a cuddle during their envy-inducing holiday.

Note to other celebs wanting to protect their kids’ privacy; Gwyn is the master of the “no children’s faces showing” pose. Very clever move Paltrow.

2. Candid no make-up selfie

“Yippie Ki-Yay motherf*&$rs, the Big Sky country today on @goop”

Gwyneth is a natural kinda woman, and she’s not afraid to put that out there.

Need evidence? Take a look at this no make-up selfie from July down on the ranch.

That smattering of freckles is very now. Snaps to you Gwyneth.

3. Candid with kids + no make-up = as candid as they come

“Moses Bruce Paltrow Martin turns 8 today. We love you!”

Gwyneth combined her two candid specialities (no make-up and children) to create this uber-canddid shot in celebration of her son Moses’ 8th birthday in April.

The black and white shot shows off their perfect teeth. Gwyneth really does look amazing without slap on doesn’t she? *sighs* And Moses is a lovely lad too. Natural beauties the both of them.

4. Candid blow dry

“blo-wn away by the warm welcome and talented team @bloheartsyou #BloChelsea #gwynethdavidheartblo @davidbabaii”

Gwyneth joined the list of celebs who share shots of themselves getting ready when she posted this snap in July of her blow dry.

She’s also looking reasonably make-up free, making it a double whammy of candidness.

Check out the pun in the caption too. Don’t let anyone tell you the Paltrow isn’t LOLsome.

5. Candid snoop around Goop

“spring cleaning @goop #goopgiving”

Ever wondered what spring cleaning at Gwyn’s lifestyle company Goop looks like?

Well wonder no more. It looks like it essentially adds up to Gwyneth sitting on the floor surrounded by bags and putting on/taking off boots. You can rest easy at night now. You’re welcome.

Keep on sharing these candid snaps Gwyneth, we love getting the inside s-goop on your life.

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