Deaths are devastating but one can only imagine what it would feel like for a father to lose her daughter, just like what happened to “Hamilton” actor, Miguel Cervantes.

Cervantes’ daughter, Adelaide, died because of a severe form of epilepsy. The “Hamilton” actor revealed the devastating, heart-breaking news on Twitter on Sunday, Fox News reported. Reposting Kelly Cervantes’ tweet. She said that the machines were off and that their daughter left them early Saturday morning.

Although their 3-year-old daughter is already free from pain and seizures, Cervantes said that the incident left their hearts shattered. She said that their daughter went peacefully in her arms. Her bed is already empty and Cervantes described the quietness as deafening.

The emotions were overwhelming and a lot of fans sent out their condolences and sympathy to the couple. Rest in peace, baby Adelaide.

Earlier reports revealed that Cervantes’ daughter had a seizure when she was only 7 months old. Eventually, the doctors diagnosed baby Adelaide with Infantile Spasm.

Called as IS, an Infantile Spasm is a seizure disorder affecting babies. Babies having this condition will result slow development or loss of skills, like sitting, crawling, etc. Infantile Spasm is a precursor to other kinds of epilepsy a child may develop later in life; however, the spasms oftentimes go away when the child reaches 4 years old, Kids Health reported.

What causes Infantile Spasms? Reports indicate that it is due to malformations, infections, abnormal blood vessels in the brain or brain injury. It may also happen to babies suffering from metabolic and/or genetic disorders. In rare occasions, this condition may also be caused by insufficiency of vitamin B6 in the body.

There are times wherein the definite cause of this condition is unknown. Although, there are some genetic mutations which are reportedly linked to the said condition.

Medical practitioners conduct certain tests to diagnose a child with Infantile Spasms. Among others, these are blood and urine tests, ECG, VEEG, CAT scan, MRI and PET/MRI. However, it is important for the parents to consult a pediatric neurologist first.

There are several ways to treat the condition. Some use seizure medication or steroids. There are times that the medicine can no longer control the spasms, then a special diet such as ketogenic diet may help. There are also instances where a doctor will recommend surgery.

The Cervantes’ reportedly started bringing awareness about epilepsy earlier in the month. Furthermore, they worked to raise funds for “My Shot at Epilepsy.”