Harry Judd’s Birthday: His Sexiest Shirtless Instagram Pics

He’s got an uh-may-zing body.

And, fortunately for us, Harry Judd is happy to share his hot bod in all its shirtless glory on MazSight, whether he’s posting a “midnight #airguitar celebration nipple selfie” or stripping off on stage.

As Harry celebrates his 29th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his sexiest shirtless pics.

1. Harry’s Before And After

“Is this cringeful? Yes. Do I care? Yes…..but I’ve worked hard and love exercising so”

Want to know how far Harry’s physique has come over the last few years? Here you go.

Harry shared this shot in January 2014 of his shirtless bod in 2008 compared to his shirtless bod in 2013. My what a long way your arms / pecs / abs / face / posing skills have come Hazza.

2. Harry’s Hairy Chest

“Boiling #midnightselfie”

This one is for all you fans of hairy chests.

Harry shared another of his midnight selfies in March 2014 to let all of his followers know he was boiling. Who else would like to climb into that bed with shirtless Mr Judd? Thought so.

3. Harry’s Cat  

“#spooning the cat #midnightselfie #cheekynipple”

Harry loves a cheeky nipple shot. Harry loves a midnight selfie shot. Throw in a cat and you have a winning formula.

This pic from January 2014 is for all you cat fans. And hairy chest fans. And Harry fans. Never been more jealous of a cat in my actual life.

4. Harry On Stage

“Yeeaaaahhhhh!! Come and watch #tourplay #mcbustedtourplay”

Where to begin with this picture from McBusted’s tour in September 2014.

Let’s just say we’ll all be having sweet dreams tonight.

5. Harry’s Halloween

So the quality of this pic isn’t great, but it’s HARRY AS A WEREWOLF. A SHIRTLESS WEREWOLF.

That rippling torso from Halloween 2013 is to die for.

Keep sharing your sexy shirtless shots Harry, and we’ll keep drooling.

Neil Weinberg

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