Harry Styles Admits: ‘It’s Not That Different Since Zayn Malik Left One Direction’

Louis Tomlinson has pretty much been the only member of One Direction to fully address Zayn Malik’s shock departure back in March.

And boy, did he address it… 

Now Harry Styles has opened the lid on how the band is doing without the brooding, mysterious one and has admitted that, actually, it’s not all that different. 

If we didn’t know that Harry was a big-hearted, gentle giant who wouldn’t dare to upset a fly, we’d almost consider that a burn.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on LA-based KIIS radio this afternoon, the 21-year-old babe shared: “The spirit [in the band] is great, we are working on the new album right now, which will be our fifth, which is crazy to think about.

“It’s going great right now, the morale is good.”

Phew, good to know that our fave foursome aren’t letting the dramz bring them down, ain’t it?

When asked if songwriting and tour life was different without their fifth member, Harry shrugged (we heard the shrug, okay??): “I don’t think too much, it’s been fun for us writing to see what’s been different, there were parts that used to get written with Zayn in mind.

“The new stuff sounds good so far, I hope that people like it.”


Ryan then went on to question whether Harry tends to write from his own, personal POV when writing about love, which resulted in the 21 year old basically melting as he insisted: “I’m really concentrating on the music right now, so I don’t have time for any of those things right now.”

All together now: SURE JAN.

While we’re at, Haz also took the time to rubbish that absolute ridic claim that he got sheep placenta facials, sharing: “This is very strange because that never happened.

“My sister sent me the link and said, ‘What are you doing? This is weird’, and I said, ‘I have no idea, what you’re talking about’.”

Before clarifying: “Yes, I wash my face, but I don’t use any part of sheep… I don’t think.”

Good to know, love, we do like a man with a clean face. 

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