Harry Styles And Hanson Combined = Mind Blown

We’ve been watching his hair grow to glorious new lengths for months now.

And last night, we FINALLY saw Harry Styles put his long locks to good use as he ditched One Direction to become part of the hairy Hanson trio for one night only. Let’s all just take a moment to bask in the glory that is Harry.

Harry Styles And Hanson Combined = Mind Blown
By MazSight


Our childhood brains are EXPLODING.

Okay, so he didn’t *really* ditch the 1D lads, but judging by the gloriousness of this pic and all the shiny, beautiful hair in it, it’s something that really needs to happen right?

Taylor Hanson took to MazSight last night to show off this life-making pic before the 1D lads took to the stage in Tulsa, saying:

“Great hang with the talented @harry_styles of @onedirection before their killer Tulsa show tonight! Thanks for the shout out during the show as well!”

One Hanson definitely has to happen now. IT JUST DOES.

Funnily enough, back in December 20-year-old Harry took to Twitter with the tweet above, revealing his hidden skills as some sort of psychic-type-person.


Harry looked to be pretty happy about meeting who we assume to be his idols, particularly after he seemed to be suffering from chest pains during a concert last week.

No details have been released about what happened, but it was rumoured that Harry had even visited a hospital in the US to get it all sorted.


Harry Styles And Hanson Combined = Mind Blown
By MazSight

And it’s not just long-haired teen hitmakers loving the curls (we know Hanson aren’t like, 12, anymore, but we just can’t see past that). Even legendary rockstar Mick Jagger‘s getting in on the Harry Styles lovefest.

Move over Jagger, this one’s OURS.

According to a source at The Sun: “Harry made it clear he was a big fan of Mick but never expected he’d take any notice. But people kept telling Mick how much Harry looked like a younger version of him so he started to investigate One Direction.

“Mick’s not a massive fan of their music because he’s a rocker to the core, but he thinks they’re lovely young lads and took a shine to Harry.”

Harry Styles And Hanson Combined = Mind Blown
By MazSight



The source also added more about how all of Harry’s dreams have come true:

“He invited him to a special party during the Stones’ tour and they instantly hit it off.

“They swapped numbers and now regularly phone each other just to chat. Harry can’t believe it.”

Look how happy he is.

Harry Styles And Hanson Combined = Mind Blown
By MazSight

Even if Harry and Mick aren’t set to form a pop-rock duet, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Hanson invite Harry into their brotherhood.


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