Harry Styles And His Man Bun Are Spotted Riding The Bus In LA

Harry Styles might be worth a casual few million but that doesn’t mean that he and his beautiful face aren’t above slumming it with the commoners on *GASP* public transport.

Why don’t we ever see people that hot on our way into work, eh?

The One Direction star caused a mini meltdown when the picture of him sporting a gorge bun whilst sitting on a Los Angeles public bus started to do the rounds on Twitter, with some wondering whether or not it could actually be the megastar 21 year old.

Come on guys, if it isn’t the real Harry then it must be his doppelgänger, in which case we totally call dibs on him to be our boyfriend.

Ah, we can but dream.

Harry has been making the most of his band’s break from their On The Road Again tour by keeping a seriously low profile in california while the rest of his bandmates have been making the headlines.

On top of Louis Tomlinson’s endless nights out on the town, he and Liam Payne have been doing their fair bit for charity as well as keeping fans updated with the writing of their fifth studio album alongside Niall Horan.

Obviously we are sure that Haz has been doing just as lovely and just as amazing things too, but it is really nice to see him take some well-deserved time out of the limelight, isn’t it?

Our four faves will no doubt need to stock up on some extra energy before they get started on the next leg of their tour, with fans on Monday being left worried that the lads were being worked to exhaustion after confirming that they were headlining two shows in two different countries on June 6th.

In fact, with Harry living the crazy lifestyle of a superstar for 99% of the year, no wonder he wants to occasionally take the time out to remember what it’s like to be a “normal 21 year old”…

…And as long as he doesn’t go and do a Zayn Malik on us, we can totally get on board with it.

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