Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Add To ‘Larry Evidence’ Following Reactions To Taylor Swift Game

Oh fate.

Sometimes, the universe aligns to create a series of events so fantastic that we actually have to take a moment to register whether or not it actually just happened or if it was part of a wonderful dream.

For this particular sequence of events, we would like to take a moment to thank Zayn Malik’s left hand.

It all started when we sat down to have a chat with One Direction in an exclusive interview for their new book, Who We Are, and we decided to have the boys make up some of their own fan fiction.

The first chapter ended up going a little something like this:

Harry Styles: “Louis Tomlinson…”

Niall Horan: “Got papped snogging…”

Zayn Malik: “Taylor Swift…”


Louis Tomlinson: “In Ed Sheeran’s bed.”

Charles Dickens himself couldn’t have written a better story.

And to quote Liam Payne: “A random sequence of events has lead to something special.”


Why so special you ask?

Well, it probably doesn’t help that Louis appears to have a slightly temperamental relationship with the popstar of the moment after her very brief, but very publicized, romance with his bandmate and BFF Harry.

Most notably, there was the time that she won an award at the MTV VMAs and Harry and Niall were spotted clapping graciously.

Meanwhile, Zayn took a convenient sip of his drink to occupy one of his hands whilst Louis didn’t even try to disguise the fact that he wasn’t applauding:

Awks much?

But the bad blood doesn’t even appear to have come after the two split, with this happening when Haylor 2K12-2K13  was well and truly at its peak:

And who can forget his classic reaction to discovering that fans who were about to interview the band were listening to Tay Tay on their headphones?

The sass is real with this one.

And it’s clear that his feelings towards the 24-year-old are no well kept secret among the band, which becomes all the more obvious in the following step-by-step breakdown of the moment that the band discovered that ‘Louis had been papped snogging Taylor’.

Firstly, before Zayn even reveals Louis’ fate to the world he smirks in a way that makes him look even more sexy and mysterious than we ever thought possible as he glances over at poor Harry:

He then gives a clearly worried Louis a look which reads, ‘I love you Lou, but this is ruddy good’:

Then the precise moment that the dreaded words are said, Louis shoots Harry the ultimate death stare:

As Louis comes to terms with his fate, Zayn and Niall just grin at eachother because they know that this is actual hilarity at its finest:

Meanwhile, Harry makes light of the situation by joking: “You could have told me”, whilst a clearly shocked-but-loving-life Liam utters his solid line about random sequences leading to something wonderful:

Brilliant stuff.

In fact, Louis and Harry’s reaction to the revelation was so strong that it appears to have added even more fuel to the Larry shippers’ fire.

And in case you’re not down with the lingo, Larry Shippers are the fans who firmly believe that Louis and Harry are embarking on a secret and illicit relationship.

How could this be used as evidence?

Well, this particular group are convinced that Harry’s “You could have told me” comment was aimed at Louis snogging somebody other than him in general, not Louis snogging his apparent ex.

Then there’s the fact that the fans believe Louis’ less-than-subtle feelings towards Taylor are because he was jealous of the fact that his ‘boyfriend’ was pretending to be in such a public, ‘fake’ relationship.


Add in the rest of the boys reactions to the mere idea of Louis getting jiggy with the ‘Out Of The Woods’ singer and you have a recipe for something which the shippers will go on to label: PROOF.

We’re not quite sure what to think, but it can’t be denied that Louis and Harry would make a ridiculously gorgeous couple. 

Check out our full interview with the boys below and see what YOU make of it all:


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